Who are we?

We simplify and centralize the operations process for the entire food supply chain.

Our Vision

We want to simplify and optimise the order fulfilling process in the food supply chain ecosystem with our platform around the world.

Our Values

At Neobox, we care about the positive impact on the world that can result from using digital tools to help supply chain actors reach their full potential.

Our Culture

We want to create a future where order fulfillment is simplified and optimized.

We strive to create a community based on our passion for agriculture. Our goals are to improve traceability, communication and create easier alternatives in the food supply chain as well as making a positive impact on the environment.

We believe that the only way we can make that possible is by prioritizing diversity within our team. This way we can combine & unite our strengths to create a better world. As a company, our core values are simplicity, quality, collaboration and teamwork within our communities, innovation, respect and simplifying communication.

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More About Our Project
Timeline :


Initial Phase (V.1)

Our initial phase will cover the integration of the most popular E-commerces as selling points, the automation of the order fulfilling process and a web application to do so will be provided to food retailors while a mobile application will be provided to their customers. The main objective of this phase would be to polish our product for the official launch
Available on June 1st 2022.


Launch Phase (V.2)

The launch of our product aims to officialise the release of our polished product and expend our client base
Available on October 1st 2022.


The Next Phases (V.x)

New and updated versions of our applications including new features such as visual tracking and geo-location data are going to be pushed in the near future to provide an improving product over time