Simplify your operations.
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How it works

Delegating your operations, it's easy!

The integration of your online stores

Connect your online store to Neobox or let us create and integrate your new online business to our platform.

Invite your customers to join you on the platform

Once your online store is connected to Neobox, you can invite your existing customers to join you on the platform.

Process your orders

You can now take full advantage of Neobox by receiving orders from your customers and automatically providing them with real-time information about their orders.

What we propose

A step towards operational independence

We offer a simplified operations management platform including some aspects of the order fulfillment specially designed for you, the different actors of the agri-food chain and your customers.

By choosing Neobox, you are opting for sustainable growth. We allow you to centralize and automate your operations while providing you with increased traceability on our platform.

What we propose


Centralization of your
online stores

Easy to integrate

Traceability of
your orders

Online store
creation service

What we propose

Have trust in tomorrow's technologies

With Neobox, there will be no need to spend hours tracking your orders or waiting for a truck to arrive thanks to our platform offering you and your customers increased traceability.

No online store ?

Less paperwork,
less mess.

With Neobox, you will be able to spend more time on other tasks or with your family. Neobox offers you an easier way to automate your business. If you don't have an online store, our store creation service will be essential to automate your business.


Key functionalities

Features that will empower your business.


Simple and easy connection to the most popular online stores

We are connected to the most popular E-Commerce and can set one up for you at an affordable cost


Optimize your workflow and order management

By using Neobox, you are guaranteed to save time and eliminate the unnecessary hassle of the order fulfillment process.


Digital order fulfillment and operations

Digitalise, optimise and automate recieving, processing and sending orders to your clients by using our digital platform


Order Tracking and Overview

Your customers will have access to real-time data on the status of their orders as well as information and analysis on delivery performance.


Order management

Neobox offers powerful and complete working tools to manage and execute orders.


24h/7 Support

We listen to our customers and care about your feedback. You can write to us at any time from our application, or by using our contact page.

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